Would you like to learn about best practices for  the management and delivery of IT services? Would you like to know the difference between best, common and bad practices within the context of people, process, performance and politics? Would you like to know why people pay lip service to best practices by posting them on their walls to sound impressive for politically attractiveness reasons, while others go the other extreme by using complex checklists  to satisfy their ego, status and hidden-agendas?  Would you like to learn how best practices are transformed to effective common practices for performance improvements? Would you like to know whether Best Practices are really "Best" from the perspectives of organizational improvements?  

The Myths and Reality of Best Practices

 Our practical hints/tips and best practices are a reflection of our team extensive experiences in the private, public and academic sectors as Chief Information Officer  (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Enterprise Architect, IT Performance Manager, IT Project Manager and IT Developer. We have provided best practices and suggestions for improvements for IT Performance Management, IT Project Management, Transformation Change Management in terms of People/Culture, Process,  Technology and Financials. These best practices will be updated, based on responses to surveys and information from research firms. We will also provide links to the most current practical and innovative research on the management, delivery and improvement of IT services.