Have you ever wondered why executives and IT leaders resist the use of performance measurement dashboard and prefer to make decisions using emotions and intuitions? Have you ever wondered why performance measurement dashboard failed to achieve their objectives? How can you ensure that performance measurement dashboard meets expectations? Have you ever wondered how  organizations create and deploy metrics? Why do you think executives and IT leaders implement organizational change and IT Governance without performance measurements? Have you ever considered how to measure performance results that align with IT strategy?   

Transforming  IT Performance Measurement Dashboard Research to Applicability   

Our professional staff includes MBAs, certified performance measurement professionals, certified project management professionals, and experienced IT professional, with special expertise in Performance Measurement Dashboard development, implementation and transition. Our research materials will focus more on bridging the intelligence gap between theory and practice. We will access data from research companies, seminars, private, public and academic sectors. We will assess and interpret the applicability based on our extensive knowledge and experiences of information technologies maturity, trends and hype-cycles, with recommendations on current and future predictions. Our team will update our baseline Performance Measurement Dashboard that measures performance results and aligns with IT Strategic Directives. We will then generate updated performance analytic reports to manage, monitor and measure improvements for the management and delivery of IT services. These performance analytics will enable evidence-based decision making, with clear integration to executive management and business management.  We will update our intelligent MS Excel spreadsheets and Integrated Dashboard software to create prototype solution, for further refinements.