Have you ever wondered why Executives keep requesting for Performance Assessments on management and delivery of IT services? Have you ever wondered why these organizational Assessments of IT services are conducted by consultants who usually lack IT skills, experiences and professional qualifications? Have you ever considered identifying and prioritizing key IT risks vs value with executives, which show the impact on strategic, business and IT initiatives? Have you ever considered how you would perform self-assessments on the management and delivery of your IT services, if you are given the right questions? What do you think are the key measures of success for self-assessments on the management and delivery of IT services? Have you ever wondered why some IT organizations automate business processes but resist automation of their internal IT processes? Have you ever wondered about the excessive time-consuming meetings, process documentations and complex decision-making processes involved during consulting asignments for IT and business performance assessments and benchmarking? Have you ever questioned the value of these Performance Assessments and Benchmarking consulting assignments? Have you ever considered using a virtual IT advisor instead of expensive time-consuming  consultant(s)?, who promote heavy process-oriented auditing methods with sounds impressive "Power Point" presentations? 

 Innovative approach to IT Performance Assessments & Benchmarking 


Is your organization facing business and IT growing pains and don't know where to turn?  Are you searching for low costs on-line consulting solutions, but don’t always know what questions to ask and don’t always know what advice to trust?.  Our Virtual On-Line Self-Assessment Services-Business and IT (VSAS-IT), driven by innovative automation, provides your organization with the key questions and a clear pathway to real-time high quality consulting advice. It synthesizes the responses to questions to provide accurate data for benchmarking, trend analysis and improvements to IT and business developments with the goal towards service delivery using a low cost on-line self-assessments model. 

Our professional staff includes MBAs, certified financial analysts, certified project management professionals, and experienced IT professionals, with special expertise in Performance Assessments and Benchmarking. Our approach is based on your organization completing an on-line self-assessment survey questionnaire, followed with focused interviews and workshops, and a comprehensive Performance Assessment and Benchmarking report within one-month duration.  Our team will create a baseline assessment of your IT Organization in terms of your strategic directives, culture, structure and processes, integrated with your performance results for Customer, Employee, Operational and Financial measures. These baseline performance assessments will be compared against IT Industry Standards and IPMF-IT framework. We will then generate comparative reports to manage, monitor and measure improvements for the management and delivery of your IT services, with integration to your executive management and business management services. 

Self-Assessment Survey Questionnaire